Exciting Day: Positives All Around

The past 24 hours have been very exciting for me personally.

  1. Grades. My GPA rose ever so slightly and I walked away from an 18-credit-hour semester with A’s and B’s. Hard work does indeed pay off! I busted my arse to balance classwork, extra-curricular activities (ASCE Presidential duties, mainly), and my social life. 
  2. Money. When checking my grades I also checked out my financial ‘stuffs’ for next semester. I expected nothing since it’s only May but, to my surprise and delight, I discovered that I received a $3000+ scholarship! I’m hoping for more to roll in as the summer progresses so I once again don’t have to take out a private loan.
  3. Representation. Today I was also notified that I was selected to be a College of Engineering Ambassador! Apparently I beat out 10 other Civil Engineering applicants (they only take 2-3 from each School) – which is not surprising given my rather solid resume/experience. It also helped that I completely rocked the interview a few weeks ago.

I don’t consider this bragging; but if you do, oh well. It’s called a personal blog for a reason and no one is forcing you to read it!

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