Time for New Shoes


What better way to motivate myself to get into better shape than buying new running shoes?

Also, I’ve had my previous pair for over 5 years….whoops. I know you’re supposed to buy new ones every year (some say 6 months?!).

I’m honestly only about 10 lbs away from my goal weight (145 lbs). I then want to tone and get a flat stomach for the first time in my life.

Whoops again, sorry for delving into my fitness goals there. Just wanted to show off my new shoes!


One thought on “Time for New Shoes

  1. Wow, I can barely stay attached to my shoes for five months, let alone five years. And I know that feeling, whenever I slip into a new pair of shoes I feel so refreshed. Break those bad boys in on a new run and best of luck with your fitness.

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