Definition of AD INFINITUM (ad in·fi·ni·tum): without end or limit

“The sky’s the limit” so delineates a common adage. However, I find this vernacular idiom to be quite cliche and overused.

Ad Infinitum has a better ‘ring’ to it, don’t you think?

Without end or limit: my dreams, my hopes, my ambitions. I am never satisfied with the static; I must progress and develop further. I complete one task and I’m ready to overcome the next obstacle. Call it obsessiveness – I know it to be innate and natural to me.

This is me. This is AJ. I am ad infinitum.


Born and raised in the eastern suburbs of Los Angeles, I realized at a young age I was destined to build things. At first I wanted to become an Architect: design those grandiose facades with exuberant amenities. But lo and behold, when starting high school classes I realized I excelled in math and science. After a conversation with my step-father I realized then and there that I was committed to becoming an Engineer.

And here I am now: a senior at Purdue University studying Civil Engineering with an emphasis in Architectural Engineering and a minor in Economics. I’m President of the student chapter of the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) and I was involved in Purdue’s new student orientation program, Boiler Gold Rush, for 2 years. I currently hold an ongoing internship as an Energy Engineer with Purdue Physical Facilities – a position I have held since May 2012.

At this point in my collegiate career I believe it is highly likely that I will continue my education and pursue a Master’s degree in Architectural Engineering. From there I plan to work for an A/E firm that specializes in high performance buildings and energy efficiency retrofits. Further down the road I want to return to Purdue to pursue my MBA or MSIA with the intention of starting my own sustainability consulting firm.

As you can see, there is no end or limit to my ambitions.


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